About Us




We are independent Green World distributor consultants in South Africa, Green World was established to initially to develop quality nutritional herbal and natural supplements utilizing high technology. Because Green World's health products have made outstanding contribution to mankind's health, they have been honored with many awards given by both nationally and internationally recognized institutes. And the credits are significantly indebted to the rigorous implementation of the practice for the Chinese herbal medicine applied both in China and world wide.

We offer these services:
Full body scan using our Quantum Resonant Magnetic Analyzer.
16 Care packages namely:

1. Green World Eye care package
2. Green World Detox care package
3. Green World Cardio care package
4. Green World Cancer care package
5. Green World Slimming care package
6. Green World Skin care package
7. Green World Children care package
8. Green World Respiratory care.  package
9. Green World Digestive care package
10. Green World Bone & Joint care package
11. Green World Immune care package
12. Green World Male care package
13. Green World Female care package
14. Green World Brain care package
15. Green World Parasites care package
16. Green World Nutrition care package

With us your life will continually improve to a better u and a healthier you, we share! we care!





"My health has really improved. I don't feel tired anymore and I even lost weight. ."

Sthembi - Escourt