Green World Child Care Package

Multivitamin for children


What you feed your child to a large extent determines their health and dietary habits for life. As parent, the time you spend nourishing your child properly may be the greatest contribution you can make to their development. Supplementing your child with Green World Multi-vitamin Tablet for children can prevent vitamin A and D deficiency as well as alleviates signs and symptoms caused by vitamin deficiencies.

For children, lack of vitamin A causes severe visual impairment and blindness, and significantly increases the risk of severe illness, and even death, from such common childhood infections as diarrhea disease and measles.
Ingredients: Vitamin A, B 1,2,6,12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin  D, Folic acid, Niacin

Calcium for children

Calcium is important for strong bones. Approximately 50% of the calcium in adult bones is laid down during adolescence, so this is a critical time period for calcium intake. Having a diet with foods that are high in calcium to meet daily requirements is necessary for the development of strong bones. It is also an important way to prevent the development of osteoporosis in adults.

Green world Calcium tablet prevents rickets in children. It helps build up strong skeleton and teeth of children. If your children have difficulty eating enough foods rich in calcium, you can consider a calcium supplement.
Ingredients: Nano milk calcium, sucrose, starch


Zinc for Children

Zinc supplement is the best choice for parents if children can not eat enough foods rich in zinc. Green World Zinc Tablet improves children’s appetite, boosts their growth and development, regulates immunity and helps the normal development and maturation of sex organs. Sufficient zinc intake also enhances your children’s intelligence through improving their thinking, memory and other mental activities.
Ingredients: Zinc lactate (4 mg of zinc per tablet)