Green World Nutritional Diet Care For Diabetes People

The glucose of certain concentration in the body is called blood sugar, which provides energy for our daily activity. The concentration of the glucose in the blood increases after taking food. The glucose enters the cell to participate in a series of biochemistry reaction and then provide energy for human activity under the action of insulin. When there is a shortage of insulin in the body, no effect of the insulin, or target tissues cells sensitivity to the insulin declines, the glucose can’t enter the cell normally to mobilise. This causes the abnormal increase of the glucose concentration and then, diabetes.


After the incidence of diabetes, a series of turbulence of sugar, protein, fat, water and electrolyte happen. A large amount of glucose is discharged through urine. At the same time, there are symptoms such as excessive drinking, urination and eating becoming thin, dizzy and tired. If not controlled severe acute and chronic complications throughout the body will be aroused. Chronic complications may happen to the eye, kidney, nerve, skin, blood vessel and heart. Finally, blindness, lower limbs gangrene uremia, brain stroke or cardiac infarction happens, which endangers human beings’ health seriously.

1.       Balsam Pear Tablet/Tea: this product produced with natural ingredients can lower high blood sugar level safely and steadily, improve pancreas function, relive diabetics complication. Keeping Balsam tablets in the mouth can relive the excessive thirst.
2.       Diasure Capsule (Glucoblock): It is a natural green health food, which helps reduce blood sugar, eliminate symptoms of diabetes, restore function of the insulin, and improve normal secretion of the insulin cell. Meanwhile, it is particularly effective on diabetes complications.
3.       Chitosan Capsule: Is called the sixth element of life. It can improve somnolence, relax the bowels, nourish the intestines, absorb heavy metal ion, remove the metabolism rubbish and oxygen toxin in the blood vessel, and restrain the absorption of glucose in the blood.

4.       Kuding Tea (Optional):

Traditional Chinese green tea good for a complete whole health.

Effect of these provides will help reduce blood sugar stably, no rebound. It is a right assistant therapy for prevention and improvement of the diabetes. It doesn’t stimulate the stomach and intestine, which can be taken for a long term.